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Powerful, Windows-only apps Programs / apps / applications (I use these interchangeably) are a big reason why Windows has maintained its market position. You might like other platforms, sure. But if they don't have good alternatives for your daily apps, you won't switch. I know because I've considered myself several times switching to macOS or Linux.

Here's one reason Microsoft shouldn't rest on its laurels: an increasing number of apps are cross-platform (meaning that they run just as well on two or more platforms). In fact, I just realized it, all but one of my top-10 pinned apps are cross-platform:Nearly all top-pinned apps are cross-platform

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Which apps will be covered?

Windows Mail app icon in the start menu Snipping Tool app icon in the start menu This site focuses on Windows 10, but I'll cover apps as they relate to Windows itself. I plan on covering Windows Mail, for example. It's the email program that comes bundled with Windows 10. It's not Windows 10, but it's part of it. Same reasoning with utilities like the Snipping Tool - it's part of the OS.