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About Windows 10 Bro

Hey there.

I'm a software developer, Windows aficionado, and sometimes Windows hater (usually following a Microsoft decision on branding, design, or usability). I'm self-employed and live in the Aggieland area of Central Texas, in the US.

As someone who writes software, I receive all kinds of questions from clients and users. This gives me an unusual perspective on what confuses users, and how they like things explained. Being the family geek, I spend Thanksgiving and Christmas crawling under desks looking into printer issues, and answering existential questions like "why is the internet not working?" Yet another source of inspiration. Plus, I bring my own qualms and fanboyism to the table.

Hopefully, these experiences make for helpful tutorials that you'll enjoy reading.

What comes next

Windows Classic theme in Windows 7 I still long for the Windows Classic theme, while also missing Aero transparency and the colorful, skeuomorphic icons from the Windows 7 and Vista era. Often maligned, Vista remains, in my opinion, the most understatedly elegant interface for a desktop, with its dark, opaque title bars and deep-red close button. But functionally speaking and stability-wise, Windows 10 holds its own - credit where credit is due.

Windows 11 screenshot One of my twins, Windows 11 Bro, will eventually guide you through Microsoft's latest operating system, which brings back some of the old time magic. Something to look forward to, if your PC does support the OS. If your PC was sold in or after 2018, it likely does, and you can upgrade straight from Windows 10.